October 25, 2022 | Detroit, Michigan + Virtual
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Tuesday, October 25

9:00am EDT

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Chris Clark, Technical Operations Manager & Ram Iyengar, Developer Advocate, Cloud Foundry Foundation
avatar for Chris Clark

Chris Clark

Technical Operations Manager, Cloud Foundry Foundation
avatar for Ram Iyengar

Ram Iyengar

Chief Evangelist, Cloud Foundry Foundation
Ram Iyengar is an engineer by practice and an educator at heart. He was (cf) pushed into technology evangelism along his journey as a developer and hasn’t looked back since! He enjoys helping engineering teams around the world discover new and creative ways to work. He is a proponent... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 9:00am - 9:15am EDT
Room 140 ABC

9:15am EDT

Keynote: Cloud Foundry - The Standard for Developer Experience and its Evolution Forward - Catherine McGarvey, VP Software Engineering, VMware
Cloud Foundry Foundation successfully established norms in a developer platform with operational elegance, intuitive patterns, and abstraction of clouds. In a paradigm shift of the underlying infrastructure what outcomes and patterns highlight it's continued relevance. A look at what CFF has achieved this year and what ecosystem opportunities lie ahead.

avatar for Catherine McGarvey

Catherine McGarvey

VP Software Engineering, VMware
I'm a big believer in investing in people. That's the secret to great leadership, have and grow a great team. I'm fortunate to get to lead teams that practice lean product development and agile adaptive engineering processes. Hearing from customers and gathering feedback is a gift... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 9:15am - 9:35am EDT
Room 140 ABC
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9:40am EDT

Recap: Ten Years of Working With Cloud Foundry - Julian Fischer, anynines GmbH
In this talk anynines CEO Julian Fischer shares ten years of history working with Cloud Foundry. He talks about the transformation of Cloud Foundry as a technology as well as its unique community. It's been a fantastic journey from hearing the word Cloud Foundry for the first time to transforming an entire company into an organization focused on application development platforms ... and the story goes on. Learn about how the zeitgeist has forged Cloud Foundry throughout the years. See how changes of the CF architecture have adapted to an ever changing context. Be entertained by tales collected from planning and operating dozens of different Cloud Foundry environments for various, vastly different organizations and purposes. These tales tell about small and large CF environments with few dozens to thousands of apps. Moreover, they tell about challenges of changing technologies, security in the enterprise and emerging friendships among the Cloud Foundry community. A projection on how existing Cloud Foundry environments may evolve will be presented and Cloud Foundry's future potential illustrated. At the end of the talk you will have gathered an impression on how unique Cloud Foundry is from both perspectives: as a technology and as a community.

avatar for Julian Fischer

Julian Fischer

CEO, anynines GmbH
Julian Fischer, CEO of anynines, has dedicated his career to the improvement and automation of software operations. In more than fifteen years, he has built several application platforms with various open source automation tools. His latest passions are data service automation, Cloud... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 9:40am - 10:10am EDT
Room 140 ABC
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10:10am EDT

Morning Break
Tuesday October 25, 2022 10:10am - 10:30am EDT
140 ABC Foyer

10:30am EDT

Introducing Korifi: The Evolution of CF on Kubernetes - Dr. Dave Walter & Andrew Wittrock, VMware
The CF on K8s working group has decided to take a new approach to bringing the Cloud Foundry API to Kubernetes with Korifi. Korifi is a ground-up reimplementation of the Cloud Foundry API contract, backed by Kubernetes Custom Resources, Controllers, and Webhooks. In this session, we will dive into Korifi’s Custom Resources and how they simplify application deployment on Kubernetes - including a live demo of the platform in action. We’ll walk through how they fit together and how we leverage existing Kubernetes ecosystem projects such as Contour and Kpack to provide a fast, secure, and extensible platform.

avatar for Dr. Dave Walter

Dr. Dave Walter

Staff Software Engineer, VMware
Dave is a staff engineer at VMware. He started contributing to Cloud Foundry back in 2015 as a member of a number of component teams before joining the CF Release Integration team in 2019. For the last 3 years, he has been part of the team responsible for maintaining CF Deployment... Read More →
avatar for Andrew Wittrock

Andrew Wittrock

Member of Technical Staff III, VMware
Andrew is an engineer at VMware. He has been working on Cloud Foundry since 2019, and Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes since 2020. Andrew has been working in and contributing to the Kubernetes ecosystem for several years. He is currently a member of the Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes Working... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 10:30am - 11:00am EDT
Room 140 ABC
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11:05am EDT

Grappling with Kubernetes Eventual Consistency in Korifi - Tim Downey, VMware
Historically, the Cloud Foundry APIs have been backed by a relational SQL database. This provided atomicity and strong consistency for each request and many of the CF APIs and clients now rely on those guarantees. With Korifi we no longer have that luxury. Korifi’s CF APIs maintain state through Kubernetes custom resources (CRDs) that are backed by an eventually consistent etcd key-value store. That means that when interacting with the Kubernetes API you are not guaranteed to be able to read data back immediately after writing it – but you will be able to eventually. As you might imagine, this behavior can cause trouble if it is not accounted for. In this lightning talk, Tim Downey will discuss some of the problems with eventual consistency we have encountered while reimplementing the CF APIs in Korifi and how we have worked around them.

avatar for Tim Downey

Tim Downey

Staff Software Engineer, VMware
Tim Downey is a Technical Lead at VMware and has been a core contributor to Cloud Foundry ecosystem since 2016. He is currently working on bringing the Cloud Foundry experience to Kubernetes as part of the Korifi project. Tim has a broad range of experience with CF, having previously... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 11:05am - 11:15am EDT
Room 140 ABC
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11:20am EDT

App Runtime Interfaces Extravaganza! - Greg Cobb, VMware
Over the past year or so, the teams in the App Runtime Interfaces working group have been hard at work bringing new and exciting features to the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. In this talk, Greg Cobb, working group lead, will dive into recent projects, collaborations, features, improvements, and more! This talk will be approachable for people with all levels of Cloud Foundry experience, and will cover changes from both product interface and technical implementation perspectives. You won't want to miss this talk!

avatar for Greg Cobb

Greg Cobb

Technical Lead, VMware
Greg has contributed to Cloud Foundry since 2015. He has experience working on Services API, CAPI, CLI, and other Cloud Foundry projects. He is currently serving as Lead for the App Programming Interfaces working group.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 11:20am - 11:50am EDT
Room 140 ABC
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11:55am EDT

New Features in App Autoscaler: Automated Scaling for Apps Running on Cloud Foundry - Muhammad Arsalan Khan & Silvestre Zabala, SAP
The App Autoscaler project in the App Runtime Interfaces WG has been hard at work!
  • Find out about new features for users of the App Autoscaler and operators of CF foundations deploying the app-autoscaler-release.
  • Learn how you can securely submit custom metrics to the app-autoscaler via mTLS.
  • See how the support of the new "Shared-Nothing Logging and Metrics Architecture" in the App Autoscaler made it possible to simplify its code and reduce TCO.
  • Have a peek into the future of App Autoscaler and see how new possibilities opened up by the CF v3 API, now supported in App Autoscaler, could be leveraged.

avatar for Silvestre Zabala

Silvestre Zabala

Senior Developer, SAP
Silvestre Zabala is a senior developer at SAP SE working on the Business Technology Platform. Silvestre is currently the Application Autoscaler's product owner at SAP and the Cloud Foundry Foundations's project.
avatar for Arsalan Khan

Arsalan Khan

Developer, SAP
Arsalan is a developer at SAP. He is currently working and contributing in CF Application Autoscaler Team in App Runtime Interfaces working group. Previously, Arsalan had also worked as a Cloud Foundry Application Developer.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 11:55am - 12:05pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
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12:05pm EDT

Lunch Break
Tuesday October 25, 2022 12:05pm - 1:20pm EDT
Hall E

1:20pm EDT

New Features in BOSH: Improved NATS cert rotations - Maya Rosecrance, VMware
Maya will cover a short overview of features shipped in the BOSH director and embedded releases in the last year. From IMDS V2 to Template Rendering Speed improvements, we'll go through a quick and dirty overview of what's new in BOSH with a focus on the improvements to the rotation of NATS Certificate Authorities. This talks is or anyone that hasn't been closely following the work of the BOSH Ecosystem TOC and uses BOSH.

avatar for Maya Rosecrance

Maya Rosecrance

Engineering Manager, VMWare
Maya is the Senior Engineering Manager for Bosh at VMware. She is an occasional contributor to the BOSH Ecosystem TOC.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 1:20pm - 1:50pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
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1:55pm EDT

Cloud Foundry Technical Governance: Past, Present, and Future - Eric Malm, VMware
Do you have a feature you want to contribute to Cloud Foundry, but you're not sure how to get it accepted? Do you want to get more involved in the community and are looking for a good place to start? After nearly a year of preparation, in 2021 the Cloud Foundry Foundation moved to a new model of project and technical governance designed to provide more transparency and inclusivity to all contributors. Since then, the community has elected two Technical Oversight Committees, formed eight Working Groups to oversee Cloud Foundry projects, and iterated on the roles and processes that make sense for contributors to our community. Let's look back over the progress we've made in the past couple of years and see what remains to be done to make Cloud Foundry a welcoming, productive community for contributors of all levels.

avatar for Eric Malm

Eric Malm

Product Line Manager, VMware
Eric is a current member of the CFF Technical Oversight Committee and previously served as Lead of the Runtime Project Management Committee. He has contributed to Cloud Foundry as a product manager and software engineer at Pivotal and VMware since 2013, focusing mainly on Diego, cf-for-k8s... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 1:55pm - 2:25pm EDT
Room 140 ABC

2:30pm EDT

What's new with Paketo Buildpacks? - Sophie Wigmore & Ryan Moran, VMware
The Paketo Buildpacks project has been pretty busy this year developing new features to make containerizing your application, in a number popular languages, easier than ever. With new features such as support for a software bill of materials (SBOM), remote debugging, and live-reloading to name a few, Paketo maintainers and contributors are driving forward the Cloud Native Buildpacks experience. At this session, attendees will get a Paketo project update, as well as first-hand insights into how to leverage the power of buildpacks to get secure and performant builds.

avatar for Sophie Wigmore

Sophie Wigmore

Member of Technical Staff, VMware
Sophie is a software engineer at VMware Tanzu, working on Paketo Buildpacks. She is a maintainer of Paketo tooling, and buildpacks in the Ruby, .NET Core, and PHP ecosystems. She has previously spoken at CF Summit EU and US, and holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science and biology... Read More →
avatar for Ryan Moran

Ryan Moran

Staff Engineer, VMware
Ryan is the Technical Lead for Buildpacks at VMWare and Steering Committee Member for Paketo Buildpacks. In over 9 years at Pivotal and now VMware, he has worked on nearly every aspect of cloud platforms from networking to release engineering, from technical leadership to engineering... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 2:30pm - 3:00pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
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3:00pm EDT

Afternoon Break
Tuesday October 25, 2022 3:00pm - 3:20pm EDT
140 ABC Foyer

3:20pm EDT

Remote Debugging of .NET Core applications with Paketo Buildpacks + Visual Studio Code - Timothy Hitchener, VMware
Remote debugging can provide insight into the behaviour and interactions of complex applications running in remote machines/containers. This practice is supported for .NET Core applications via the Visual Studio Debugger (vsdbg), which the Paketo Buildpack for .NET Core can now optionally include in your application image via an environment variable passed at build time. The debugger can attach to a running .NET Core process and be bound to a client-side debugger via STDIN across a connection invoked via a transport program (e.g. ssh, docker exec or kubectl exec). Using Paketo Buildpacks with Omnisharp's C# extension for Visual Studio Code, .NET Core users can take advantage of a powerful workflow for accelerating iterative development.

avatar for Timothy Hitchener

Timothy Hitchener

Member of Technical Staff 3, VMware
Tim is an engineer who serves as a maintainer on the Node.js, Python, PHP, Web Servers & Utilities subteams in the Paketo Buildpacks project.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 3:20pm - 3:30pm EDT
Room 140 ABC

3:35pm EDT

Putting Wind in the Sails of the CF API - Jochen Ehret, SAP
With some of the biggest Cloud Foundry installations in the world, SAP is serious about squeezing every last drop of performance out of its infrastructure.
Come and hear how the company spots bottlenecks through performance and load testing that tells it where to focus its efforts to optimize the CF API. And take a tour of a lightning-fast Go reimplementation of the Cloud Controller.

avatar for Jochen Ehret

Jochen Ehret

DevOps Engineer working on SAP BTP CF

Tuesday October 25, 2022 3:35pm - 4:05pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
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4:10pm EDT

Stemcells are now Jam-packed with Jelly(fish) - Long Nguyen, VMware
It's a new year jam-packed with new stemcells! Learn about the new stemcell Jammy Jellyfish and the journey of how it was created. Find out about the new features that come with Jammy and the challenges that come with a new operating system. Learn how to update your BOSH releases to support Jammy.

avatar for Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer, VMware
Long Nguyen is a core BOSH contributor. He's been an active user of BOSH and Cloud Foundry since 2013. He's contributed to many open source bosh releases. He has deployed and maintained some of the largest deployments of Cloud Foundry, breaking and fixing components of the ecosystem... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 4:10pm - 4:20pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
  Lightning Talks

4:25pm EDT

How we Modernized and Reduced the Infrastructure Costs for Running CF - David Stevenson, VMware
The infrastructure costs associated with running CF have traditional been a significant burden for operators and experimenters alike. David takes us through the process of modernizing CF and BOSH to use next-generation infrastructure, including some exciting drama discovered along the way. Finally he'll highlight how your CF deployment can be saving significant money by leveraging the next generation of Hyperscaler VM types.

avatar for David Stevenson

David Stevenson

Sr Tech Lead, VMWare
David has been at Pivotal/VMWare since 2008 and has held many roles involving Cloud Foundry since early 2013. He's serves as a CF Technical Oversight Council member and was involved in the governance overhaul of 2021. Most recently he's the Senior Tech Lead for Tanzu Application... Read More →

Tuesday October 25, 2022 4:25pm - 4:35pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
  Lightning Talks

4:40pm EDT

The Future of Logs and Metrics in Cloud Foundry - Carson Long, VMware
The CF community is no stranger to complicated diagrams, but it's rare that they get as complex as the current logging and metrics architecture: multiple versions of Loggregator are deployed in tandem, agents are mostly involved but not ubiquitous, an instance group exists purely to buffer logs. Carson Long presents the new, old vision for logging and metrics in Cloud Foundry: Shared-Nothing.

avatar for Carson Long

Carson Long

Member of Technical Staff 3, VMware
Carson Long is a software engineer at VMware. He spends most of his time improving and maintaining Cloud Foundry's logging and metrics infrastructure, and is very excited to share updates about that space!

Tuesday October 25, 2022 4:40pm - 4:50pm EDT
Room 140 ABC
  Lightning Talks

5:30pm EDT

All Attendee Reception
Wright & Company
1500 Woodward Avenue - Floor 2
Detroit, MI. 48226

You can find more details HERE.

Tuesday October 25, 2022 5:30pm - 8:00pm EDT
Wright & Company
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